Fair Usage Policy

Fair Usage Policy
At Multibyte Info Technology Limited(“MB”), we want all our users to get the best experience possible from their Mobile Services, with world-class network
performance and experience. Our broadband service for instance is delivered over a network shared amongst our users, so we expect our users will not abuse,
misuse, exhaust, waste or otherwise take unfair advantage of our consumer telecommunications services to the detriment of other users or MB.
1. Principles
1.1 Ensure that the speed of our Mobile Service is not adversely effected by extreme usage from a small percentage of users;
1.2 Enable use of high bandwidth applications such as Peer-to-Peer file sharing, but restrict speed for excessive downloads;
1.3 Ensure that well into the future the service doesn’t get congested with people using more than their fair share.
2. Remedies
2.1 “Fair Usage Data Threshold” varies from customers to customers depending on the relevant service plans, local data charge caps and relevant value added
service subscribed by the customers and as specified in the relevant Sales and Services Agreement.
2.2 If any user has breached any of the above Fair Use Policy, or MB is of the opinion that the manner which an user uses such services will unfairly deprive
other users’ opportunities of enjoyment or otherwise adversely affect MB’s interests, MB may, with or without notice to such users, take any or all of the
following remedial actions:
(a) Depending on the services subscribed, additional data usage charges may apply according to the thereafter usage charges or data charge cap (if applicable) once a customer’s data usage exceeds the usage entitlement under the relevant service plan; or
(b) Between 00:00 on the 1st day of the month and 23:59 on the last day of the month, user who has reached the monthly local data fair usage level specified by MB from time to time can still continue to use the Service. However, the data service will be suspended without any notice in advance; or user will be given lower priority to access the network resources for the remainder of the billing period, where the user’s experience may be affected when the network traffic is busy. MB shall have the right to reduce and restrict the data access speed (upload and download) not less than 128kbps(Depending on the Fair Usage Data Threshold listed in the Sales Agreement and Supplementary Contract).
3. Revisions
3.1 During the fixed term contract period, the Fair Usage Data Threshold will remain unchanged according to the service plan subscribed by the customer, but
MB reserves the rights to revise other terms and conditions of its service at any time without notice, and such revisions shall become effective upon posting
on MB’s website (http://www.multi-byte.com).
3.2 If MB revises any terms or conditions of the sales agreement signed with customer, we will by reasonable means give not less than 30 days’ prior notice to
the affected customers before effecting the change.
3.3 If MB exercises any of the above rights, the breaching user shall have no recourse against or without liability to MB.